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Real Estate Development

Home is where the heart is

Providing the community with better and improved housing and quality of living.

Over the years EFAB has been one of the leading names in the construction industry. Every project that had been undertaken had been delivered successfully on time with total customer satisfaction.

     Our Focus
Efficiency and Safety are the driving forces for our commitment to excellence.

At EFAB, safety is the foremost priority for our workforce, for we believe a safe working environment is a productive one.

Corporate Philosophy

 Not only does EFAB construct better homes but also builds lively communities.

Equipment and Machinery for Rent/Sale

Reaching new heights by building it right

Utilization of state of the art architectural and engineering techniques is a key contributing factor to the development of the region.
Our team of experienced engineers and architects, with their in-depth knowledge of construction and the construction industry as a whole, strive in providing new concepts to the industry.
     Innovative Solutions

At EFAB, we maintain a relentless focus on providing solutions that work by combining a creative eye with a practical approach.
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